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Copy shows within 1 universe

Posted: Tue Mar 25, 2014 10:01 am
by GVA
Is it possible to copy shows, between channels?
I will have 4 RGB strips (with 20 LEDs each) which will run different shows, and sometimes run the same show in sequence.
Right now I have all 4 strips in series and I am programming the show for the first strip.
Is it possible to copy the show to different LEDs within the DMX map on the right of the screen
strip 1 channel 1-60
strip 2 channel 61-120
strip 3 channel 121-180
strip 4 channel 181-240
Should I skip 1 channel between each of these for ease of organization or will this lead to delays within the shows?

Also is it possible to copy the first 3 sliders and paste the levels into the next 3 and so on?

I am sure it is easy and I am just missing something.
Thanks in advance,