Building Management setup

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Building Management setup

Post by Stretch » Sun Feb 26, 2012 9:19 am

Good day
I work for the maintenence department in a hotel where we have just recently had two of the bar areas refurbished.
The contractor has fitted RGB undercounter lighting that looks like it is controlled with a ESA Nicolaudie DMX interface
on further investigation on the site it appears to be a SIUDI 9
Currently the lights keep scroling past a rainbow of colours 1 colour every 10 seconds.
While this looks impressive (in the short term) it does not always suite various event colour schemes
thas many events would rather have the lights off :(
The contractor who fitted the equipment was not very willing to assist me with manuals to rectify the issue
I was wondering how we could control the system from our building management system that (amoungst other) Heating and ventalation controls it does also control the External lighting (by Different contractor)
There is a network around the hotel and we could patch in where required
I understand that we may (possibly) need to get some other equipment to make the comunication links
It would be good to have on event timers (but that is a nice not a must)

The other option would be to allow the colours to scroll and press a button when at required position to stop
I have downloaded all that I can download and it seems rather confusing I do not even know how to plug the blue box in the PC is it via the usb that is currently connected to the power supply?

With Kind Regards


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Re: Building Management setup

Post by simonB » Tue Mar 06, 2012 3:49 pm

Hi Stretch

It sounds to me as though your installer has not installed the product you want! You have 2 options:
Program the controller to do what you want
Download and install the latest Easy Stand Alone software from the homepage of the website
Disconnect the USB cable and any other power connections.
Connect it to your computer
Easy Stand Alone manual: ... gY7Js2.htm
Video tutorials: ... p4&tut=esa
Note: This interface does not contain a clock/calendar

Scrap the controller and use a different controller with a user interface
One of the STICK products would be perfect for you. They mount to any single gang wall socket and can easily be used to control different preprogrammed scenes and set colours and dimming. The STICK2 should be enough, however if you want more advanced functions, take a look at the STICK1, this interface includes:
-iPhone/iPad/Android control
-linking to an existing system via ethernet/RS232
-internal astronomical clock and calendar
More info on these here:

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