BETA 2oct2007

The lighting control software designed for easy basic applications.

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BETA 2oct2007

Post by andi512 » Thu Oct 04, 2007 12:02 am


Ive downloaded the *.exe and installed it. noticed some issues:
*i´ve added an universe, is there a way to delete it again?
*i´d like to programm a matrix 2x120 wich requires 2 universes, i get the option to set 2x120 but patch doesn´t do its job.
*i´d like to preprogramm without hardware via visualizer, is this possible?
*after patching, the fader still appear in DMX order, not in fixture order.
*i have a setup with 120 led fixtures and their addresses are all mixed up, so all helpful features donot help me as the software keeps selecting the units in the DMX order

any suggestions?


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