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esa mar 2007

Posted: Tue Aug 21, 2007 8:20 pm
by alite events
hi guys i have just downloaded the esa mar 07 update, i was on the october 06 version previously, when i now write a scene to the usb interface it seems to go in but when i read from it should it show me the scenes within the unit as if i had just loaded them into esa from a saved file location on my pc.

what i get when i read it is a show with no colours but with all the scenes in but they are now all called new scene, is there something i am doing wrong when reading from the usb interface, i was sure itwas so simple before and it showed exactly the same data as i had transferred into it.

The first time i ran the mar 07 esa update it told me i had to upgrade the firmware which i accepted, if i still have problems can i reload the october 07 file and will this downgrade the firmware

Many Thanks in advance