Guide for Submitting Bugs

Sunlite Suite 2 is a complete re-design of Suite 1. Please discus any issues here

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Guide for Submitting Bugs

Post by nick » Tue Jan 23, 2018 12:29 pm


We understand bugs can be frustrating ! We love fixing them but first we need to reproduce them.

------------------------------------ Example Bug Report ------------------------------------------------

Bug Description: Crash when trying to resize horizontal scroll bar below cycle timeline

Software Version: Sunlite Suite 3, 15 November 2017
Showfile : ... t.shw?dl=0
Crashdump: ( Link to Crash Dump. This can be found in C:\SunliteSuite2\crashes\SUITE2 )
Video: ... e.mp4?dl=0
System: Windows 10, 64bit / Bootcamp. MacBook Pro 2015
DMX controller and firmware version: N/A Sunlite 3 was running in demo mode.


That's it! It is very important to include a showfile and screen capture video so we can see exactly what you clicked.

Screen recording is unfortunately not provided with Windows. You'll need to use 3rd party software and then share it using a service like Dropbox. Videos are too large to upload directly to a forum.

Recommended screen recording software:
1) (Free / basic service gives 5 mins recording limit + 2Gb free storage)
2) Snagit (15 day trial).
3) Thundersoft Free Screen Recorder. Records .FLV files to your video folder. Download VLC Player to view them. Videos contains watermark which is not a problem for bug reports.

Many Thanks,

Nicolaudie Tech Support