Page Dimmer Fader/Group Fader

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Page Dimmer Fader/Group Fader

Post by hsteppke » Mon May 18, 2015 1:55 pm


came a cross a topic I could not get sorted myself.

Lets assume if have a couple of different fixture (Pages) and use there Respective Page Dimmers on a Fader board to set the Level.
Some need to be a little lower some need to be at there maximum during the show.

Now I like to get another Fader (kind of Master) that Dim´s them all together, but not the Master Page Dimmer as I do have eg. Front Light, Blinder, Hazer that I want to keep at there Level. So that I can have one fader to in a Song pause etc. fade out the lightning maybe change the color and if the performance start again turn it on again.

Tried adding the, in my case 3, individual Page Dimmer, to one fader that however doesn't work off course as then that Fade moves the Page Dimmers to the level that Fader is been set.

The Logic should be Level from the Buttons * Page fader 0-100% * Master Fader 0-100%

Any suggestion ???


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Re: Page Dimmer Fader/Group Fader

Post by simonB » Mon May 18, 2015 3:01 pm

Hi Holger

What you're looking to do here is to create a submaster. With Sunlite Suite 2, it's not possible to create a fader which multiplies a current level (except for the page dimmers which you've tried already). I have a work-around which might not do exactly what you want, but should help for now. This is to create a button on the master page which will subtract from the current dimmer level and link this to the console.

-Go to the master page and create a new empty switch called 'Submaster'
-Assign the DIMMER MIN/MAX property to the dimmer channels you want to control
-Set the dimmer faders to 0
-Click the little 'Min' checkbox at the bottom of the dimmer faders
-Set the dimmer faders to 100%
-Close + save the switch and go into the switch settings
-Select 'This switch is always on'
-Select 'Sub' and close the settings window
-Pair the button dimmer function to your MIDI console

See attached example I've made for more information (note that there's currently a bug with the fixture window displaying incorrect dimming values with 'sub' buttons, so you'll need to check the DMX output window or 3D visualiser).
submaster example.shw
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