A/B Cue(Scene) faders for Theater use. (Help/or Feature req)

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A/B Cue(Scene) faders for Theater use. (Help/or Feature req)

Post by hsteppke » Tue Jun 04, 2013 7:02 pm


for a school theatre project i like use Sunlite to run the light.

They need off course be able to manualy fade from one scene to the next scene.
If i would have 80 Motorfaders i would use them and link each to one Scene.
I only have the Behringer and the Elation Midicon

In theorie it should work like on a MA Lightcommander where you have an A and B Scene Fader and can asign a Scene to A or B on the flky and then use them to Fade in and the other one to Fade out.
Then again then use this Fader for the next Scene.

Also possible but i could not get it to work if i could select the next Scene and then have a kind of Crossfader for this. Using manual Fade stops the previous scence.

Any ideas how to achive this ?

Regards Holger

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Re: A/B Cue(Scene) faders for Theater use. (Help/or Feature

Post by simonB » Wed Jun 05, 2013 9:10 am

Hi Holger

This would certainly be a nice feature to assign console commands on the fly. It's something we'd like to add in future.

For now, one solution would be:
-Make your scenes as switches and use HTP. This will allow you to stack dynamic effects
-Right click a fader on the console, select New->button->dimmer and select the page name, and the 'selected button' checkbox. This will dim the selected button and page
-Right click the same fader on the console, select New->button->activation, again select the page and click the 'selected button' checkbox. This time set a range of 1-127. Disable feedback
-Assign 'select next button' and 'select previous button' to a couple of different buttons on the console

I've attached an example show I've just made which uses the top buttons on a BCF console to select scenes or jump forwards/backwards. The first fader is then used to activate and change the dimmer of the selected scene. I think in future we'll add the possibility to also change the dimmer of the previously selected scene, and maybe assign on the fly.

I think I'm going to write a facebook tip for this.
switch stacking with a console.shw
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