Howto handle Fixtures that have there own Dimmer Ch ?

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Howto handle Fixtures that have there own Dimmer Ch ?

Post by hsteppke » Mon Jan 21, 2013 3:58 pm


i wonder on how to handle Fixtures that come with there own Dimmer channel eg. Robe Robin 300.
Usualy i have the Page Dimmer dim the RGB channels however that dosnt help if the internal Effects are used.

I had something in mind like having an Always active switch on the Dimmer channel to send 255 and then have the Page and MasterPage Dimmer Dim that one ... but how to get this into the Libary file so that next time i use the fixture its set to this automaticaly ?

Ideas are welcome.


Holger Steppke

P.S. The Lib Editor gives some warnings about the Robin 300 LED Washer Profile where for some reason i cant realy fix some of them where its always say Preset undef i dont see the issue for them.

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Re: Howto handle Fixtures that have there own Dimmer Ch ?

Post by simonB » Wed Jan 23, 2013 10:09 am

Hi Holger

You can disable the page dimmer from the RGB channels of the fixture in the page settings->patch window. The undefined preset error is fine if it's on a macro channel, but check that an undefined shutter open preset is not used on a shutter channel for example, otherwise it won't be possible to understand the preset.

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