Matrix Opacity Gradients/Fades

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Matrix Opacity Gradients/Fades

Post by jnobel » Mon Mar 07, 2011 8:13 am

Hi there,

I'm looking to get some information about what options I have to create a fading in and out effect for a matrix of RBG fixtures. I'm looking to have a generic "random" matrix effect fade in onto a group rect of fixtures on a matrix of led rgb tubes.

It seems like a pretty basic function, but so far nothing I've tried has given me what exactly what I'm looking for. The fade-in options in the page window stops the effect until it is done fading in, and I couldn't find any effect options using Easytime other than manually creating a series of black, static scenes over top of the desired effect and gradually decreasing their opacity from 100 to 0 (which is an incredibly tedious thing to build, and not very practical - a single scene with over 100 seperate matrix effects doesn't run the smoothest).

Some suggestions as to what I can do here would be great.


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Re: Matrix Opacity Gradients/Fades

Post by hsteppke » Mon Mar 07, 2011 11:57 pm

(No sure exactly what you want to get)

Does not one of the Puls EFX and setting a bigger Phase to it making it looking a random Effekt on a Matrix.


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Re: Matrix Opacity Gradients/Fades

Post by simonB » Tue Mar 08, 2011 5:22 pm

If I understand correctly, you have a bunch of effect blocks and you want to fade in between them.

1.You could use the auto gradient, but this will pause both effects as you fade between them
2.You could create 2 switches and set a fade in on the second switch, but the first switch will pause as the second switch fades in. I am going to see if we can change this in the next release so that the previous switch carries on playing as the new switch fades in
3.In the next release in April it will be possible to right click a timeline and select a fade time, this will fade inside the blocks so that both effects carry on running

I advise you wait for the April release with the new fade function. If it cannot wait til april I suggest you use the auto gradient and put up with the pause, or as you have been doing fade a blackout or solid color over the top in between each effect

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