Stand-Alone (automaticly if Software crashes)


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Stand-Alone (automaticly if Software crashes)

Post by hsteppke » Mon Feb 07, 2011 8:36 am


right now if the Software crash`s the Interfaces stays in PC mode till you disconnect it (and reconnect for power) from the PC.
I belive to have a more secure system and a quicker recovery, it would be very benefical if the interface would go into StandAlone on its own without interaction if the PC Software dies

What i like to achive is that if i have a live show and the Software does crash that the last DMX value is held till the Interface starts playing kind of backup cue or just does what the hardware keys say. I would then have eg Input 1 (switch to it) aktive all time with a cue for Stage Ilumination and 7 Other cues with some Backup PAR Chaser, LED Chaser and maybe 1-2 Moving Head Scenes.
I mean having the Stage white and maybe little going on is better then haven 1/2 minute darkness :)


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Re: Stand-Alone (automaticly if Software crashes)

Post by simonB » Tue Feb 08, 2011 6:13 pm

This is quite difficult because usually if the software crashes it is because one of the procedures has frozen and without exiting the procedure it is impossible to disable the interface programatically.

At the moment the interface automatically goes into stand alone when the software is closed, and if you unplug and reconnect the interface it will go straight to stand alone. You could try a DMX buffer which will usually hold the last value sent to it so you dont have a blackout flicker as you reset the interface?

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