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Sunlite Touch Sensitive Intelligent Control Keypad

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Received OpCode

Post by acuervo » Sat Oct 27, 2012 2:18 pm


Is there a document that shows the various OpCodes sent back by the KE1?

For example, when I send quick triggering for scene 1:

Stick_U16002 (Hex: 0x53 0x74 0x69 0x63 0x6B 0x5F 0x55 0x31 0x06 0x00 0x01 0x00)

I receive:

Hex: 0x53 0x74 0x69 0x63 0x6B 0x5F 0x55 0x31 0x68 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x01 0x00 and
Hex: 0x53 0x74 0x69 0x63 0x6B 0x5F 0x55 0x31 0x6A 0x00 0x02 0x00 0x00 0x00

I get this response no matter what scene I select, so I assume it is some type of acknowledge that a scene trigger has been activated (OpCode 104 and 106 in this case - so what do these OpCodes really mean?).

I am mostly interested in being able to get feedback on when the unit is On or Off, that I can toggle via the Blackout button simulation. I would use this to know when the KE1 is On (or Off) so I can create a discrete Off command instead of a toggle via some code.

A better and more elegant solution would be to have a discrete On and Off commands instead of a toggle. If you have this command then disregard all of the above.

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Re: Received OpCode

Post by simonB » Wed Oct 31, 2012 1:14 pm

Hi Alex

Attached is the latest specification. It explains the feedback. Hopefully it will contain all the info you need.
STICK-KE1 and KU1 Remote Protocol.pdf
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