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SIUDI-7A / Non-Ethernet Suite2-FC/FC+ compatibility with firmware 1.24

Posted: Mon Mar 05, 2018 12:04 pm
by nick
Hi Sunlite Users,

Important Information: Older Suite2-FC/FC+ models which do not include an Ethernet port (i.e. SIUDI-7A hardware) are not compatible with firmware 1.24. Unfortunately, this can not be fixed due to the slower processor in the 7A model when compared to the 7B (Ethernet port model). If you own a SIUDI-7A based Suite2-FC/FC+, you will need to continue using firmware 1.20 and the following version of software ...

Sunlite Suite 2 (27 Jan 2017, Firmware 1.20) ... a24750.exe

Sunlite Suite (17 April 2013, Firmware 1.20) ... cd3cfe.exe

ESA2 (23 Feb 2017, Firmware 1.20) ... cd3cfe.exe

This only affects Suite2-FC and FC models which do not have an Ethernet port.

Kind Regards,