Saving MIDI mapping for Sunlite pages?

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Saving MIDI mapping for Sunlite pages?

Post by VinceC » Wed Jun 10, 2009 11:22 am

Hi Sunliters,

I recently installed the latest version of Sunlite (29th May 2009), but discovered when I used it for the first time, all the MIDI command mappings that allow me to use a BCF2000 controller had vanished. This may be a consequence of overlaying a new version on top of an existing install, but it was a bit unfortunate!! All the other aspects of my existing pages were OK, so I wonder why the MIDI mappings were affected specifically.

Is there anyway to back up the MIDI part of the page configuration, or should it have been stored when I archived the page (which I do regularly)?

I also found that the specific MIDI commands I had set up in the EasyConsole to match my BCF2000 config had gone, but I assume that is because I had made changes to the standard console template, and did not save it with a different name. Therefore the upgrade overlaid the standard template, wiping out my modifications. A warning for anyone planning to upgrade!!

Cheers, Vince

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Re: Saving MIDI mapping for Sunlite pages?

Post by dylan » Wed Jun 10, 2009 12:48 pm


yes you need to save the show before upating version.
We do our best to change this in next version to unchange existing file of console.
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