Program remembers value “Iris” channel from the previous sce

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Program remembers value “Iris” channel from the previous sce

Post by paradvo » Fri Apr 12, 2013 12:58 pm

Help me, please.
Program remembers value “Iris” channel from the previous scene.

I have the same two effects made by two different methods. One is created by Cycle and another one by Easy Step Scene. These are fireworks for 4 fixtures. Firework snaps the intensity to full and iris out fixtures one at a time in a random order.
When I activate any movement buttons, DMX OUT window shows the right value 247 (Iris Open), but on 3D View I can see only one beam, sometimes two or three (when I use cycle), but NEVER all four. I can double click INIT to deactivate all buttons and then run any movement buttons, but the picture will not change.
Program remembers value of “Iris” channel from the previous scene (Firework). To see all 4 beams I must activate button “Iris Linea” in max value. This will set iris value to 127.

Why movement button actually doesn’t affect iris channel? It’s not enough to see right value on DMX OUT. I don’t see that in reality.

May be I do something wrong or the program does not work well. How can I fix it?


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Re: Program remembers value “Iris” channel from the previous

Post by simonB » Tue May 07, 2013 8:34 am

This was solved over e-mail. The problem was with the iris preset on the profile.

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Re: Program remembers value “Iris” channel from the previous

Post by paradvo » Mon May 20, 2013 8:49 pm

Hi colleges

I know how to solve my problem.
Simon helped me by e-mail.
I was very busy last two weeks and Simon gave short answer what was the problem.
I would like to share my experience.

The problem should be called differently, namely ‘The 3D visualizer incorrectly shows dmx out of channel’.

This issue will be interesting and helpful for those who prepare a show in the 3D visualizer or often use the 3D in their job. The 3D sometimes shows incorrectly some value of DMX OUT.
For example, DMX OUT shows iris is open, but you see in the 3D that iris is closed or open partially.
Another example, you see led light beam in reality but you don’t see it in the 3D visualizer.
One more example, you change value in the ‘index gobo rotation’ channel but gobo doesn’t turn in the 3D.
You will face similar situations from time to time.

The problem is that there are some mistakes in the fixture profile.

In my case one of which is the 'Open' preset on the Iris channel. This preset is 'Undefined' which means the 3D doesn't know what to do with it. Therefore, when this preset is called, it will hold the previous iris size which is sometimes 0.
It happened with the fixture profile ‘STUDIO SPOT 575 ZOOM’ from High End. If you wish to get deeply understanding how to fix the problem, you can reproduce the following steps.

To fix the issue:
-Open the profile ‘STUDIO SPOT 575 ZOOM’ with the ScanLibrary Editor
-click the Iris channel (ch19)
-scroll to the bottom and right click the undefined 'Open' preset and select 'Modify the preset'
-click the iris channel type (5th small icon along) and click 'Iris Simple' (second large icon along)
-click ok
-right click the preset and select 'properties'
-select the size you would like the iris to be
-click the shutter channel (ch 20)
-scroll to the bottom and notice that the 'shutter open' preset is also an undefined preset, right click this and change it to a shutter open preset in the 'Shutter' category (instead of the 'Undefined' category)
-close and save the profile
-remove and re-insert the profile in the 3D

Many problems of incorrect visualization will be solved if you correct or modify channel presets in your fixture profile. You ought to avoid 'Undefined' category in channel presets. Undefined channels are in red color.

Another example. I have some led moving heads from YingWei (the fixture profile – YW-0721 36x1W). To see the light beam in reality, I must click ‘color’ and ‘dimmer’ buttons. But there is no the light beam in the 3D visualizer. To see the light beam in the 3D, besides that I must click shutter button. Then the light beam starts to do strobe in the 3D and you may see the light beam.
So, I applied Simon’s advice to this case and modified shutter channel.
You can reproduce these steps:
- open the profile YW-0721 36x1W with the ScanLibrary Editor
- click the Shutter channel (ch10)
- add preset ‘Shutter open’ (drag & drop icon ‘Shutter open’ from left window to channel presets window)
- set value ‘0-2’ in preset ‘Shutter open’
- set it default
- set range ‘3-255’ for preset ‘Strobe’.
- save the profile
- remove and re-insert the profile in the 3D

See the ScanLibrary Editor tutorials for more details.

Now the picture in the 3D is the same as in reality. That’s very important when you prepare your prospective show in the 3D.

Good Luck.

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