ScanLibrary (SL2006) Multiple Beams Usage

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ScanLibrary (SL2006) Multiple Beams Usage

Post by laserted » Thu May 31, 2012 12:40 pm

Greets -
Although I've googled, watched videos, browsed online manuals, looked at other potential fixture libraries, and tried what seems like a "lot" (about 10-15 tries) of combinations, I"m a little lost on how the "Multiple Beams" function works.

Although some libraries exist, I'd like to have control of a custom 10 pixel RGB led string. My original method was to lay out 10 single pixel generic RGB default fixtures, patch and map them in a page, build switches and scenes, etc. That's fine for one or two instances (as duplicating pages to different DMX starts is challenging)... but moving them in the visualizer is equally tough. I'd like to create a single fixture with 10 "beams" (pixels) that takes up the requisite 30 channels. I could do just 30 "dimmers" in a line, but of course the 3d representation isn't correct. When adding a RGB color picker to the mode page of a fixture in the library editor, I can add the picker widgets, but only one color picker is displayed in Sunlite Suite. Re-opening the fixture shows that only the last-added RGB widget is "Active"; the remaining have turned into "?" widgets. I guess that only one color picker widget is acceptable per fixture?

If I only created the stage once, I'd look less hard for solutions, but I'm creating multiple visualizer stages (separate "looks") as the fixtures are mobile - so moving them around the visualizer stage easily would be very helpful!

Any thoughts, or am I stuck to having to deal with the "cloud of green crosshair lines" every time I try to move some fixtures?

Many thanks,


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Re: ScanLibrary (SL2006) Multiple Beams Usage

Post by simonB » Fri Jun 08, 2012 9:30 am

Hi Ted

Multibeam is not supported in Sunlite Suite 1. You need to use Suite 2 for this. The 3D doesn't support multibeam yet (it will soon) however it is easier to use the Suite 2 fixture window for visualisation of RGB fixtures.

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