How to program a concert with many songs

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How to program a concert with many songs

Post by d23 » Sun Sep 05, 2010 5:37 am

I have to program a concert with many songs, I have a normal external dimmer console.

What is the best way to program this? I mean how to program the effects, fades, pages, next, go, etc.

Thank you.


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Re: How to program a concert with many songs

Post by simonB » Mon Sep 06, 2010 5:57 pm

Hi Gaston

Different designers have different ways of going about this with Sunlite. Personally I would do the folllowing.

1. Set up a page for each fixture type with common functions you would like to have quick access to, for example colours, gobos, color changing patterns, dimming patterns, shutter patterns etc....
2. Set up groups for different combinations of fixtures to help speed up programming and live control
3. I would then select a combination of scenes/switches in my fixture pages and create a new scene in the master page using the AS YOU SEE NOW option. These would be triggered at specific times e.g. verse, bridge chorus.
4. Sometimes if I have a lot of scenes I will make a cycle for each track. Each cycle would trigger all the scenes at specified time intervals, or sometimes I will use the "next" button to trigger the next scene, this is very useful if you have a big button on a midi or DMX controller, you can assign this to the NEXT button, then all you need to do is to activate the cycle at the beginning of a track and hit the next button to recall each cue.
5. If I have access to a MIDI time code feed I will sometimes connect this up to the cycle editor or an easy show program. In this case I would often just hit the cycle button and leave it going throughout the track (a clicktrack or backing track would be required in this case so everything is kept in time!)

If you wanted to use your DMX console you could build the console using the console editor. You could then pair up each console fader with the faders on your dmx console. You can then pair these faders with things such as master dimmers for groups of fixtures, or you could manually control a fader between 2 scenes with a fader on your midi console, this would allow you to do things the traditional way and prepare a scene with your new set of level, activate it, then manually fade it in at a time which suits you!

Check out the Sunlite Suite tutorials at

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