SLESA-IP1 and Sunlight Suite

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SLESA-IP1 and Sunlight Suite

Post by HeartlandTech » Fri Jan 22, 2010 9:10 pm

can the SLESA-IP1 be used as an output from Sunlight Suite?

bruno.falip said...
<It can control up to 4 Art-Net universes but you can connect as many SLESA-IP1 interfaces as you need.>
about the SL2048FC. so I'm confused.

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Re: SLESA-IP1 and Sunlight Suite

Post by simonB » Tue Jan 26, 2010 6:56 pm

Yes and no.
Sunlite Suite does not support stand-alone operation, therefore you will not be able to write to the internal memory of the SLESA-IP with Sunlite Suite (however this may be possible with the new Suite 2 out this summer).

If you have a Sunlite Suite FC interface connected, you can use your computers ethernet socket to output up to 4 DMX universes through the Art-Net protocol. You can then use the SLESA-IP as an art-net to DMX converter...
-Connect an ethernet cable to your ethernet socket
-Connect the other end of the ethernet cable to the SLESA-IP
-Change the SLESA-IP into an Art-Net to DMX converter (there is a tutorial on this)
-Connect your lighting fixtures to the XLR output of the SLESA-IP
-Set which DMX universes you wish to send to the SLESA-IP within the starting parameters in Sunlite Suite

Note: each SLESA-IP interface can only decode one DMX universe at a time. To make use out of all 4 ethernet universes, you will need to use a splitter and connect 4 IP interfaces.

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Re: SLESA-IP1 and Sunlight Suite

Post by HeartlandTech » Mon Feb 01, 2010 12:40 am

Alrighty, we are moving forward.

Yes I am looking at trying to use an SLEA-IP1 with Sunlight Suite controling it. I took a look at the instructions on how to get the SLESA set up for ArtNet decoding and I have it set up for universe 1. I then go to Sunlight Suite and start it up and go to Controllers -> Starting Parameters -> Outputs, and set Universe 1 to PC-Ethernet # 1. as well as checking the box for Enables PC-Ethernet output. set up a page, configure my fixture, and .... nothing. the SLESA is outputting DMX ( DMXter says it's good), but no values. Verified SLESA universe, and SLESA/computer conectivity (ping).

Am I missing anything? besides DMX output

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