some bugs

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some bugs

Post by xenomm » Thu May 24, 2007 12:52 pm

talking about sunlite 2006 beta

when I want to trigger one scene in master page with ports, they only activate if the master page is active, checking or not the options of "page active" or "page selected"

in switchs buttons, the new option "if checked the button do a fade with first step of easystep" is only in english (no problem) and gets a error in the first step of easystep is fading up time 0 or type without fading

when I create a switchs with trigger in DMX input, flash mode, I use it to ON when dmx signal is up and OFF when dmx signal is 0, the problem is when I start the program, if the button have not selected the option "release with double click in any other button". the dmx signals are 0 and the the button goes automatically to ON and when i send dmx more than 0 the switch go off mode, I have to click them to put them OK, and if the option is selected, I can not double click other buttos, because I loose the state.

Some sugestions more to do (if possible, of course:
is possible to implement joystick butons to trigger switchs (with flashmode, too)?
is possible to implement more joystick buttons?
is possible to have a fade control of the pages or scenes with dmx input value?
is possible to do keyboard combination to close pages?
slnetwork is not opperative? I can not do it to run

Thanks for all

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Post by dylan » Fri May 25, 2007 10:13 am

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