Sunlite New Feature Suggestions

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Sunlite New Feature Suggestions

Post by Schadow63 » Fri Mar 02, 2007 5:05 pm

I've been using the software for about 6 weeks now and have come up with some features I'd like to see added.

1. Display the name of the show that is loaded - I have 7 different shows saved and sometimes I can't remember which one I have loaded. If the show name was displayed on the _master title bar I would know which one I working on.

2. DMX output control - I love the DMX output display in 3D Easy View's Add Fixture window. But changes made in Easy View don't effect Sunlite Suite. I would like to see this same window in Sunlite to easily modify the DMX output quickly.

3. Place Cycles into groups - I run lights for several bands and I have created a cycle for each song the bands perform live. Now I have over 50 cycles created and it makes for a lot of buttons on the Master page. During a show I hotkey the cycles I need using 1 thru 0 and can call them up but then have to reassign 1 thru 0 to cycles for the next band. If I could place the cycles for each band into a group and then open each group in a page I could leave the hotkeys on the cycles and the hotkey would only call up the cycle for the selected group.

These features would be of great use to me and maybe many others.
Thanks for the great program,

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Post by Domingos » Mon Mar 12, 2007 10:45 pm

It will be cool to have a "wish list" in this forum where the users can request new features in the software.

One of features I would like in sunlite it the ability to change the patch of several fixtures at once. Now you can only patch one fixture at a time, I would like to be able to select 2, 5, 10... fixtures (under page/setting/channels) and tell to the software what is the 1st DMX channel and have all my fixtures patched.


Post by Jaws » Sun Apr 15, 2007 1:05 pm

I would like to have those beams coming out of the BACK of the fixture removed. There might be a small ray of light in reality but in the program it really doesn´t look nice if everything behind the fixture is lit as well. With many movinglights moving in circles it is quite irratating.

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