Creating shows help please

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Creating shows help please

Post by andysoho » Wed Dec 27, 2006 11:00 pm

I use the 2006 sunlight controller to control my dance floor and two podiums made up out of ledion dance panels. I have set it up that there are one set of patterns/programs for the podiums (so they both do the same thing) displayed on one page and a separate set of patterns/programs for the main dance floor itself which is displayed on a separate page. Therefore, when I am running the unit i have one page for the dance floor and one for controlling the two podiums.

I have set up a show for the main dance floor (Show 1) that swaps through the programs and a separate show for the podiums (Show 2). However, as soon as I try to select a different program for the show for the podiums (Show 2) by clicking the appropriate button on the podiums page, the show for the main dance floor (Show 1) stops and then continues running on the last program it had got to rather than continuing with the next program in the show (Show 1). How can i get it that when i select a program/show on the podiums page that the main dance floor page show (Show 1) continues without interuption please.

I hope you understand what I mean

Thanks Andy :lol:

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Post by dylan » Thu Dec 28, 2006 3:16 pm

Send me you complete show, I will see what is the problem and I will help you.
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