About DMX and power supply for SIUDI-5


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About DMX and power supply for SIUDI-5

Post by belax » Fri Aug 07, 2009 8:57 am

Here in Russia, I bought SLESA-U5 controller.
We are planning to use it in stand alone mode.

I have few questions to you.
1) What external power supply (9-12 VDC) you suggest to use with it? I am asking this because from 10 turn-off-turn-on attempts 2 times it does-not start (it freezes). I used mean-well S-25-12 power supply with it (25 W, 12 VDC).

2) We are currently using first 6 addresses in DMX-512, address 7-512 we don’t use. Can we force this controller not to send any values to address 7-512? I am asking this, because right now the whole DMX-512 frame takes about 26 ms (if to believe our oscilloscope), if we can force it to send only first 6 address it will take about 0,4 ms. So, fading time from 255 to 0 in 3 seconds (in our LED-project) will look not so stepped (will look more smooth).

3) Question about SLESA-U6. In Russia we also can buy SLESA-U6 controller. In your brochure it says that it can control 64 DMX channels. Does it mean that this controller physically sends only 64 channels to DMX line, or it sends all 512 channels (65-512 channels filled with zeros)? In other words, what is the period between of the whole DMX frame (e.g, time difference between current DMX channel with address 0 and next (future) DMX channel with address 0)?

Thank you.

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Re: About DMX and power supply for SIUDI-5

Post by bruno.falip » Fri Aug 07, 2009 1:51 pm

1) 9 VDC - 500mA with + in the center

2) It is not possible, sorry

3) The SLESA-U6 sends 60 DMX channels only

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